Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010, first day

Happy new year!

The past two days whirred by so fast I didn't get a chance to write a log.

Our 2nd day home, we went to Palanguia, Nanay's birthplace. It's a barangay in Pototan town.

It was the 80th birthday of Lola Pacing, one of the matriarchs from my maternal side of the family.

We also saw Lolo Abog, my late grandfather's brother. Lolo Abog is 97 and was sweeping dry leaves off his front yard when we visited.

Our 3rd day home, yesterday, we had my Physics teacher from UP High over. Sir Romeo Joseph was with his family--there were 10 of them at least--and we served them punch and a 32-in pizza, among other things.

Sis Nina whipped up a feast ala Iron Chef, but I didn't get to see the end of the party because I was too tipsy from a few glasses of Asti.

When I got up I had a monster headache, and had to kneel by the porcelain deity. I don't feel like drinking anything alcoholic for the rest of my stay here. At least that's how I feel now. Might reconsider.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home, 1st day

Now in Iloilo. Planed in at 5:50 this morning.

Frisky chocolate pitbull winning me over.

Pop's 46-inch TV boiling my eyeballs.

Watched 'The Orphan' and 'He's Not That Into You'--back-to-back--on said TV.

Karaoke equipment working but not gaining many fans.

Wi-Fi not so reliable, and 3G signal's weak.

Begged off on a date with college friends. Arnel wasn't feeling too well.

Wanting to go to the beach.

Had batchoy at Deco's, steak at Afrique's, and 'normal' dinner at home.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Avatar in 3D, take two!

Yup, I watched it the third time. This time with Arnel at Mall of Asia's IMAX. The screen there was bigger than the one at SM North. But bigger didn't really mean better. We got seats slightly to the right of middle. For a lot of the air action scenes I had to close my eyes. But I still got nauseous anyway. Good that I had already watched the movie twice before, so I knew those parts well.

Arnel was impressed, as expected. We had to stay a bit after the movie so he could read the credits. I'm betting we're getting a copy of this movie when the DVD comes out.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Avatar in 3D

I watched Avatar. Again. But this time in 3D.

Parents missed their flight. They decided to meet Nina and myself at SM North. We had dinner at President's. Then watched the 10pm screening at IMAX. Spectacular visuals!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas reading list

1. Twilight Watch, Sergey Lukyanenko
2. City of Ashes, Cassandra Clare
3. The Lighting Thief, Rick Riordan

Three books before 2010. Not bad. Bite-size and doable.

I already have copies of 1 and 2. They're sequels of books I've already read: Day Watch and Night Watch for Twilight Watch, and City of Bones for City of Ashes.

The Watch series has a fourth installment called Last Watch. It came out only in January this year, but I don't think there are already copies in the local bookstores. I'll order one as soon as I'm done with Twilight Watch. I'm also looking for DVDs of the movie adaptations of the first two installments. I've seen Night Watch but I've read there's also a Day Watch movie. Both are Russian films with English subs.

City of Ashes is part 2 of the Mortal Instruments series. Next to it comes City of Glass. They already have the paperback edition of the last one at Fully Booked Bonifacio. I'll get my copy as soon as I'm done with City of Ashes.

Now I tried looking for The Lightning Thief at Fully Booked Bonifacio today. They didn't have it. I'm thinking of ordering a copy through their branch at The Block. Hope I get it before the long holiday.

Will try to post my thoughts on these books here. No promises, except that I'll try.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blog 2.0

Yeah, I'm blogging again.

Deep-sixed the first one.

Need a fresh slate.

Too much work, not enough play.

Need space to listen to my thoughts.

You're welcome to eavesdrop.