Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got a new cellphone

It started around mid-April, just a week or so after we came back from our great Gigantes getaway. Everything was just perfect before that.

After an altercation with the driver, I got off a cab in a huff. Only later did I realize that my pink purse was missing. I probably dropped it as I got off the cab. In it was some P500 in cash, ATMs, IDs and rewards cards. It was a hassle getting replacements for the cards, both time- and money-wise.

Then around a month after that, I dropped my work ID somewhere around SM North. The last time I saw it was when I 'swiped' myself out of the office premises. I walked to The Block where I usually meet up with my sis Nina. When I got there, the ID was no longer clipped at the hem of my blouse. It wasn't in my bag either. And with it was the key to my overhead bin. Getting a replacement cost me $15, not to mention the lawyer fees for the notarization of my affidavit of loss. I also paid for my key duplication. All this was on top of the attitude I got from the Facilities personnel who felt they where hassled by my replacement request. For nearly a month, I had to log in manually when I got to work and when I left.

When I got back from my Caramoan trip in early June, I lost my cellphone. I saw it last at Te Amo coffeshop, when I paid for my honey bread. When we left, I no longer had it. I got a SIM replacement from SMART a couple of days after that. I had to secure another affidavit, but thankfully I didn't have to pay the lawyer fees. I used the SIM with my old phone because the new phone I wanted wasn't available until two weeks later.

Two weeks later was yesterday. I got a Nokia E63, a QWERTY phone that feels foreign on my palm. It's not bleeding-edge, but it's not dumb either. So many features I doubt I'll ever use. I spent most of yesterday and today trying to figure it out, get it to sync with my laptop, and installing the associated apps and software. It's not a phone for dummies, and I'm barely out of that category. I don't know when it will grow on me, or if it ever will. But on the whole, I'm just thankful I got a free phone.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm still laughing

Sometimes vindication is so sweet it's funny. Hahahahahahahahaha!