Monday, October 25, 2010

A sharp mind must sit on a fit body

That's the mantra I go by these days.

I've been working my butt out since the guys at work decided to do 'The Biggest Loser' challenge. I have an excess 12lbs around my girth so I signed up. But more than losing fat and gaining muscles, my target is to get into a fitness regiment I can keep in the years to come.

I know that to keep my mind sharp, especially as I age, I need to keep my body healthy and fit. I'm just lucky to have a job that doesn't challenge me so much mentally and physically (yes, I love my job!), so I still have the energy to go to the gym after a day's work.

With my gym buddy Eleanor, I leave the office shortly after 4pm, and go either to the nearby Fitness First for weight training and group exercises, or to Sta. Cruz for Tai Chi or Wushu.

I've been a member of Fitness First since January this year, but I only got the interest to go daily when this fitness challenge at work started, and when my colleagues Em and Eleanor also signed up for FF membership. The three of us now keep the same work schedule so we can go to the gym together, although Em mostly does weights while Eleanor and I attend the group classes.

Our interest in Sta. Cruz was originally Tai Chi only. But since there are only two of us, the master had us join the Wushu group, and only taught us Tai Chi when he's free. It's fun! We get to watch the really good students showcase their moves during practice. The stretching, jumping and running around in the non-AC gym also make me feel more than adequately 'worked out.'

If I keep this up, I'd still win even if I don't lose any weight by mid-December, because by then I'll have a fitness routine I could do beyond that period.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I'll throw you to the dogs!!

I got a lot of anger to dump in here, but why bother? Not gonna change a thing. They don't know that they don't know, those fools!