Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Geriatric cat's courage in the face of renal failure

After I got totally shitfaced in Palawan over the weekend, I came home to my cat Banlag puking and not eating. I knew he hated his standard k/d renal formula diet, but we always managed to make it more palatable with Century Tuna Chunks in Water juice mixed in it. But this time not even that was able to crank up his appetite.

We rushed him to the animal clinic at The Fort yesterday noon, and he was recommended for admission. We came by again today to see how he was. In a nutshell, he doesn't look too good. Creatine level is up to 11--the normal is at 5. Because he is immunocompromised, his mouth is full of sores, making eating difficult and painful.

His doc pumped him with hydration fluids, antibiotics, and other medications to support him. By 'support' I think she meant keeping him alive, because his condition is irreversible and very little can be done to improve it. He's 13, and for cats his age renal failure is an uphill battle.

But Banlag is not one to give up. He survived at least four other serious brushes with death before this. And for as long as he is fighting, we will fight along with him. We will not give up, we will not be weak.